About Stay @home mobile vet clinic

About Stay at Home Mobile Vet

Expert Pet Care at Your Front Door

Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic was founded by Dr. Sarah Ford to bring quality, customized veterinary care for dogs and cats right to your door. The idea was born out of seeing disabled and elderly people struggle to bring their pets into the veterinary clinic. However, it became evident it would not only benefit these people, but also those with multiple pets, children, busy schedules, or just anxiety about a vet visit! House calls also help your pet by reducing stress, and eliminating car rides and contact with other sick patients.

Comprehensive Preventive Care

Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic will bring the clinic right to your house. We have all the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat minor illness and injury, as well as provide top of the line preventive care for your pets. We are also able to manage chronic conditions and provide hospice care for your pet.

If your pet needs surgery or x-rays, no problem! We work with local veterinary clinics to provide these services, or care for your critically ill pet. We believe the best pet care comes when the veterinary community works together.

Areas Served

Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic is proud to serve pets and their owners across Northeast Ohio – including Hartville, Uniontown, North Canton, Jackson, Green, Marlboro, Mogadore and Suffield. Areas not listed may be covered. Please call 330-904-2129 for availability.

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