In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services

At-Home EuthanasiaAt this time, we are only able to offer euthanasia services to our clients and those in our immediate area. We are not entering homes while we evaluate safety protocols, but we are committed to providing a peaceful transition by having pets on a favorite bed or blanket in their yard or on their porch.

Euthanasia is the most difficult decision we face as pet owners. It can be difficult to determine the “right time” for your pet. Some things to consider are:

  • Can your pet’s condition be improved by surgery or medication?
  • Is your pet eating?
  • Can your pet get around comfortably?
  • Is your pet able to enjoy activities that he/she always enjoyed?
  • Is your pet breathing comfortably?

Take Action to Get Diagnostic Testing and Treatments

If you feel your pet’s health is declining, you should always schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to assess what diagnostics or treatments may be available. Often, owners do not realize there are treatment options available until it is too late. Sometimes diagnostics can at least help you understand what the condition is and provide peace of mind in making the decision to euthanize.

Say Goodbye On Your Own Terms

Whether you need help assessing the best option for your pet, or have made the decision to euthanize, we are here for you. At-home pet euthanasia can greatly reduce the stress on you and your pet by eliminating travel and long waits at a vet clinic. We do want to be upfront that we do not enter homes for the safety of our staff. We do want your pet to be on a familiar bed or blanket on a porch or in a favorite spot in the yard.  We want you to have as much peace with the process as possible.

For the comfort of your pet, we place IV catheters in all of our patients prior to euthanasia. This gives us access to a vein without having to poke the pet multiple times. We administer an anesthetic agent first to be sure your pet is anesthetized prior to administering the euthanasia solution. The euthanasia solution itself is a potent anesthetic overdose and stops the heart quickly without pain.

Why Choose At-Home Pet Euthanasia

There is a huge difference between saying goodbye at home versus taking your pet to the vet’s office for that last, dreaded trip. You undoubtedly want your pet to be comfortable at home with you in their last moments, which usually means:

  • You want your pet to feel your reassuring touch
  • You want them to be on their soft, comfortable bed
  • You want these last moments to be stress-free and in familiar surroundings
  • No cold, stainless steel table, or loud waiting room and surrounding exam rooms
  • You want this moment to be quiet, calm, and in an environment of personalized-care

We offer a compassionate, caring and gentle at-home pet euthanasia service, focused on providing a less stressful environment to say goodbye to your pet.

Additional Pet Euthanasia Support Services

We work with local funeral homes to provide several options for the care of your pet. Cremation with ashes returned to you at your home is available. We will go over all of the options at the time the appointment is scheduled.

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