Exams and Vaccinations for Your Pet

At Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic we discuss your pet’s history, current environment and health concerns and provide a thorough exam to ensure your pet receives the care he needs.  No two pets or owners are the same, therefore we feel it is very important to take the time to customize a vaccination program or treatment plan for your furry family member.  Whether it be a standard well-check to ensure everything is in order with your new puppy or an exam for your elderly dog or cat, our experienced veterinarian will provide a personalized examination for each of your pets.

During a typical appointment, our experienced technician will take a detailed history, then Dr. Sarah Ford will perform a thorough physical exam – from general appearance (weight, mobility) and demeanor to skin, eyes, ears, nose and mouth to internal systems.  Further diagnostics will be offered and discussed if they are indicated, and a treatment plan will be formed.  Dr. Ford and her staff will also go over any preventive care measures (vaccines, flea prevention, etc.), that your pet may be due for.  We always welcome our owners to speak freely about any concerns they have regarding additional diagnostics, treatments, or preventive care.

The best part of our service is that most of our canine patients are excited to see us (that may be because we offer treats!) and often run right out to greet us!  They are much less stress throughout the appointment, than they are at a clinic.  Our feline patients are typically not as amused, but they certainly appreciate the lack of the car ride and waiting room filled with crazy canines!


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