Pet Nutrition Consultation and Support Services

Nutrition ConsultsWith so many types of pet food on the market, from grain free to organic, from chicken to salmon, it is difficult to decide what’s best for your pet.  Every pet has different nutritional needs that are determined by their age, weight, size, reproductive status, and certain health conditions.  We can help you sort through all the marketing and determine what your pet really needs!

Helping Your Pet Stay Healthy Starts with Their Diet

The most common nutritional problem veterinarians see is obesity.  Pets need to eat a well balanced diet to ensure they get the nutrients they need.  Their diet should always be measured and preferably meal fed to ensure they receive the correct amount of calories.  If you are in the habit of leaving a bowl full of food out at all times, you may find your pet gaining weight quickly.  The proper amount to feed can be tricky as all pet foods contain different amounts of calories per cup.  The recommendation on the bag is a good place to start, but it is often too many calories for the average house pet that has been spayed or neutered.  You may need to decrease the suggested amount by up to 20% to keep your pet fit and trim.

Additionally, if you like to give treats, remember to keep them small in number and or size, and account for those calories by decreasing the food a little bit.  If your pet refuses to eat a well balance commercial food, we can consult a specialist to help ensure your home made diet is  balanced and providing adequate nutrients.

Controlling Medical Conditions with a Complete Nutrition Plan

From allergies to gastrointestinal conditions, many health conditions can be controlled or treated through a proper diet. At each of our appointments with your pet, we’ll be reviewing their diet and nutrition to determine if improvements can be made to treat weight concerns, allergies, urinary tract issues, joint problems and other common conditions.

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