Benefits of At-Home Veterinary Care

Stay at Home Vet Benefits

Take Advantage of At-Home Vet Visits

There are many different reasons pet owners prefer a mobile vet clinic over a traditional office. Whether it’s difficult to find time in your busy schedule, you have trouble getting around yourself or you have pets that would be more comfortable in a familiar environment – Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic offers a number of benefits to both you and your pets.

Convenience, Comfort and Cleanliness

Save yourself the hassle of finding a time that works with your family’s busy schedule for your pet’s vet visits. By coming to your home, you can schedule a time for your appointment and forget about transporting your pet, making multiple trips if you have more than 1 pet or trying to fit everyone in the car without a melt-down.

Beyond the convenience for you, your pets will be more comfortable in a place they know, without the added distractions – like waiting for 15 minutes with other pets in the waiting room and taking multiple trips outside to ensure there are no accidents on the floor. Before you even walk into the waiting room, the car trip is likely enough to put some cats and dogs over their limit with fear and anxiety.

Also, by scheduling an at-home vet visit, your pets will have less exposure to contagious diseases and parasites. This is especially important for the very young, geriatric or immune compromised patients.

More Personalized Care

Veterinary professional rely heavily on owners to provide information about their pet’s behavior and medical symptoms. However, pets rarely exhibit the same signs when they are stressed at the clinic (magically their limp is cured!).  We often find that we are able to see the issues you are describing first-hand when the pet is in its environment and provide a tailored treatment plan.  Additionally, seeing first-hand that a pet is living in a two-story home where they must negotiate stairs or running on a wooded lot can change recommendations for medications or preventive care.

The best part about the at-home visit is you are the only client there and you have the vet’s full attention!  There is no running room to room, and we can build a strong bond with you and your pet.  You will not spend 2hrs at the appointment to only see the vet for 5 minutes.

Comfort and Peace at the End

When it’s time to say goodbye, being able to do so at your home is always a better choice for you and your pet. We provide a humane and peaceful at-home euthanasia for our clients, to allow you the time and space to say goodbye. From end of life counseling to euthanasia, we will walk our clients through the process to ensure we can provide the most peace possible for them and their pet.

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