Benefits of In-Home Veterinary Care Services

Stay at Home Vet Benefits

Take Advantage of In-Home Vet Visits

There are many different reasons pet owners find mobile pet clinics a better choice than a traditional veterinarian office. Whether it’s difficult to find time in your busy schedule, have trouble getting around yourself or have pets that would be more comfortable in a familiar environment – Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic offers a number of benefits to both you and your pets.

Convenience, Comfort and Cleanliness

Save yourself the hassle of finding a time that works with your family’s busy schedule for your pet’s vet visits. By coming to your home, you can schedule a time for your appointment and not need to worry about transporting your pet, making multiple appointments and trips if you have more than 1 pet or trying to fit everyone in the car without a melt-down.

Beyond the convenience for you, your pets will be more comfortable in a place they know and without the added distractions – like waiting for 15 minutes in a waiting room, trying to keep your pet calm with others around or wondering every 2 minutes if they need another visit outside to the restroom. And before you even walk into the waiting room, the car trip is likely enough to put some cats and dogs over their limit with fear and anxiety, especially for cats or dogs older in age.

Also, by scheduling an in-home vet visit, your pets will have less exposure to contagious diseases and parasites. This is especially important for the very young, geriatric or immune compromised patients.

More Personalized Care

Typical vet offices rely heavily on the owners to share about the pet’s behaviors or eating habits and other details that would be helpful to know when checking the health or your pet – while an in-home visit allows for our veterinarian to see first-hand the issues your dog has going down the stairs or their recent scratching fits and more. Because we’re able to see how your pet naturally behaves in its own environment, we’re able to better understand the health of your pet and provide a personalized treatment plan from the start.

And because we’re seeing just your pets, we can devote more time to get to know you and your furry family. We find that we’re able to build strong emotional connections with our client’s pets than a traditional veterinary clinic, where you may only talk to a doctor for 10 minutes during you 1 hour appointment.

Comfort and Peace at the End

When it’s time to say goodbye, being able to do so in the comfort of your home is always a better choice for you and your pet. We provide a humane and peaceful at-home euthanasia, to allow you the time and space to say goodbye. From end of life counseling to euthanasia, we will work with your family’s schedule to ensure we can provide the most peace possible for you and your pet.

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